ReefCI Marine Conservation in Belize

ReefCI Marine Conservation in Belize

This slideshow requires JavaScript. is a marine conservancy that offers all-inclusive diving and marine conservation trips on a small private island surrounded by turquoise coral seas situated on the Belize Barrier Reef (that’s what their website says). Located 25 miles off the coast of Placencia, Belize, ReefCI’s home base is literally in the middle of nowhere on an island called Tom Owen’s Caye. For many of us, it was our first time diving in the ocean and it was the perfect way to experience ocean life for the first time as well as good some solid practice in on our diving skills.No diving experience? No worries! A few folks from our group got certified right on the island and were able to dive and spear lionfish within days while learning all the essentials to be a diver.

The Lionfish invasion

Interested in learning more? Check out their website with information about that various marine conservation effort and commitment to responsible eco-tourism.


ReefCI’s lionfish program focuses solely on hunting, spearing, and eradicating this invasive species. Join us in our effort to protect the reef and turn the tide in our battle against this devastating invasive species. Release your inner predator and help us hunt this invasive species to end this ecological nightmare.

What’s the experience like?
  1. Wake up in the morning to the sun rising over the ocean
  2. Start your day by reading a book in one of the many hammocks on the island, or conversing with your island mates over some tea and fresh fruit
  3. Debrief  with the dive masters and head out for your first dive of the day! Each dive will including one of the following purposes with a few free dives sprinkled in:
    1. Lionfish spearing
    2. Coral monitoring
    3. Lobster surveying
    4. Fish identification
  4. Head back for some breakfast
  5. Lounge around, play some volleyball or badminton, or have a nice swim in the ridiculously crystal clear waters
  6. Second dive!
  7. Lunch. Check out this Serre recipe cooked by Linda, one of the amazing cooks there
  8. Relaxation, and possibly a lecture teaching you about the marine conservation efforts
  9. Third dive! (or one night a week there is a night dive!)
  10. Dinner, relaxation, socializing with your group, swapping adventure stories, watching the sunset after another unforgettable day
  11. Fall asleep to the water crashing against the rocks right outside your window and wake up to the same (no lie, it’s amazing).
Visit the Reef

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