August Perseids Meteor Shower

Most people spend their lives waiting to see a shooting star, what if I told you there’s a night where you could see close to 100 of them? For anyone that hasn’t camped out to watch a meteor shower, the Perseids peaking the night of August 12-13th are a great place to start! Unlike many celestial events this one requires no equipment except your naked eye. Grab some friends, a blanket and enjoy this once a year event!

ReefCI Marine Conservation in Belize

This month we journey to an island off the coast of Belize where Team Space Dolphin spent 5 days diving and learning about the importance of marine conservation. Learn how ReefCI is working hard to protect the un-Belize-able reefs and how you can experience it first hand.

Celebrating Our Oceans

Celebrating Our Oceans June 8th is World Oceans Day! This month we’re hooked on bringing attention to this lesser known, but just as cool, cousin of Earth Day. World Oceans Day is a global awareness project started in 2002 thanks to the suggestion of the Government of Canada. It’s making a big splash, eh? “The sea,…